Currently, my way of approaching painting is akin to sports training: my need to be free, to improve myself, and to draw in an energy of expansion.

Fascinated by abstract art and its movement, I tap into my sources of inspiration through reading and nature, my life as a woman, as well as through the pulse of our society. In search of inner peace, I translate my universe, that of the dream, the imaginary, and the unknown. This creative journey allows me to move forward and to feel free.

My paintings are becoming more and more minimalist as I bring nature back to basics: line, shape and color. Contours are undefined, leaving ample room for motion and spontaneity. I sometimes paint a sort of illusory landscape where sea and sky seem to appear. All the elements, fire, air, water and wind, are expressed through movement and vitality. Some may see characters, volcanoes, waterfalls, flowers.

My preference is acrylic, and I make use of various instruments ranging from fingers to brush, spatula to cloth. It is the shape of the applied color which leads the way for me. An assortment of textured materials such as mortar, tissue paper, sand and cheesecloth is also used. As blends and colors meld, shapes and material harmonize. Whether the paint is propelled with force or gently encouraged, the result is the fruit of the trajectory’s freedom. My playful work may be related to the expressionist movement.

Along the many canvasses of time, a more assured style asserts itself. Favouring abstract art, I am motivated by enriching my knowledge on the history of art, its structure along with its foundations, and the contribution of women artists.