Murielle Caissie has exercised her painting skills over the past decade, in a playful exploration of dreams, imagination and the unknown. Artistic expression and growth are never far from her thoughts and during her extensive teaching career in Southeastern New Brunswick, she was able to promote the importance of cultural showcases as learning tools to encourage awareness of the arts and artists at all school level.

 Born in the vicinity of Néguac, New Brunswick, she has saltwater running through her veins and draws from woodland memories of childhood make-believe to bring texture and fluidity to her compositions. “Out in the country, all the senses open up and our inner world is enriched by nature” said Murielle. The acrylic abstractions she produces nowadays with the use of spatula, fingers or rag are intensely vibrant, reflecting her guest for perfection.

She has lately begun exhibiting on her own and in group shows, at the Moncton Public Library gallery space, the Assumption-Life gallery, etc. Murielle is present in the Centre culturel de Kent-Sud in Bouctouche and the Shediac Artists Village, and one of her paintings has recently been added to the City of Moncton’s Art Collection.